Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All the Segments

1. Cover of the Week
 - Here we go, this is is pretty self-explanatory, every week I'll post a Cover of a song that I think is good.  I'll provide my insight as well as compare and contrast the two songs.
2. Genre Clash
 - In Genre Clash, I will pick two different Genre's such as, Punk Rock, and Alternative, and pit them against each other, which has the better artists/bands? Which is more prevalent in modern music, etc.
3. Band of the Day
- In Band of the Day I'll pick one of my favorite bands and give a brief history, a bio of each member, and what genre they play, how they got started, what their history looks like, and what they might do in the future. I will also link to my favorite song by them.
4. Obscure Artist Spotlight
- In OAS, I will highlight an artist or band, that most people, have never heard of. This could be from any genre, and will be all new/modern music. YouTube Stars will most likely be put in this category.
5. Oldies but Goodies
 - In this segment I will showcase a song that I like, that most of you haven't heard in a long long time. Most oldies I like are country, like George Jones or Merle Haggard, but definitely won't be limited to that.
6. Pump-Up Music
 - Here I will post a song that will pump you up. Or at least, song that pump me up.
7. That's a Genre?
 - Non-mainstream Genres will be here. Stuff that I listen to, and the only people that listen to it that I know, I showed it to.
8. Music For Geeks
 - Here I will post a video-game song, or 8bit music, or well, music for geeks. Cause we are awesome.
9....We will see.


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